Best home remedies tips for hair care 2019

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Top 5 Home remedies tips for hair care

Homemade Tips for Hair Care

1. Conditioner - Egg


  • two eggs
  • Two teaspoon olive oil
  • Little water (optional)
  • How to use

Break both eggs and put the yellow part in the bowl.
Now add olive oil and mix it.
If needed, then mix some water in it.
Then apply this pack on your hair with the help of brush and leave it for two hours.
After this, wash the hair with cold water and mild shampoo.
When to experiment

You can put it on your hair once a week.

2. Breaking hair - honey and olive oil

  • Two teaspoon honey
  • Two teaspoon olive oil

How to use
Mix these two ingredients and massage the head with light-handed hands.
Wash the hair with shampoo after about 20 minutes of massage.
You can also massage the mixture by lukewarming it.
When to experiment
It can be used at least once a week.
How is profit
Numerous individuals approach how to think about the hair. Olive oil is very gainful for hair. This keeps hair from reinforcing with roots and aides in hair development. The fundamental explanation behind male pattern baldness is the bacterial contamination and disease on Scalp, however after back rub with olive oil, these two issues are understood. Alongside olive oil, the issue of dandruff is likewise expelled. Olive oil has saturating properties, with the goal that the scalp gets fed and balding is halted . In the meantime, the utilization of nectar goes to the brilliant and inert hair. It additionally works like a characteristic conditioner . Utilize nectar and olive oil with the end goal of hair care.

3. Entered hair - avocados


  • A ripe avocado
  • A cup yogurt
How to use

Cut off avocados and remove the seeds from it.
Now mix it well and then mix yogurt in it and make paste.
Put this paste on the head and leave for 40-45 minutes.
After this wash the head with shampoo and apply the conditioner later on.
When to experiment

You can apply this hair mask once or twice a week.

How is profit

Use avocados as hair care tips. Hair masks, combined with Avocado and Yogurt as a way of hair care, are not only economical but also confused and horrified hair is also very beneficial for hair. Evocado contains vitamin-B and E, which nourishes the hair and prevents them from breaking down. Whereas yogurt clean and nourish the hair from the roots

4. Breaking hair - Elovera


  • One cup of onion juice
  • One spoon aloe vera gel
How to use

Take three-four onions and grind them in a mixer and then put it in a cotton cloth and squeeze it out so that its juice will get out.
Mix the aloe vera gel in it now.
After this, massage the head with this mixture until it mixes on the whole hair.
Leave hair like this for about an hour and then wash with shampoo. After this condition conditioner is definitely done
When to experiment

Use it at least once a week.

How is profit

This home remedy for hair is the best. Not only do the hair grow taller, but it also reduces the fall of hair. Onion juice contains all the properties that are essential for hair growth. It activates the scalp and activates the hair follicles. With regular use of this mixture, hair growth will be better and more dense.

Note: Some people have skin sensitive. Applying onion juice can jeopardize them. Therefore, take this mixture before putting it on your hand and watch it. If irritable, do not use it or ask your doctor about it.

5. Shampoo

To keep the hair long, thick and healthy, it is necessary to keep them clean. Also choose herbal hair care products. Shampoo is also one of these. Shampoos are also different for all types of hair. Therefore, be sure to keep this in mind when choosing shampoo.

For the hairy hair: Shampoo should be such that moisturize the hair and make them soft. Do not take any such shampoo, which will also dry the natural oil in Scalp. This will make the hair more rigid and lifeless. Before taking shampoo for dry hair, check whether it contains avocado, coconut, argon or grapepede oil. Also, do the use of the conditioner after shampooing in a stiff hair.
For oily hair: Do not take shampoo for this type of hair, which works as moisturizing and conditioner. Oily hair does not need more moisturizing. Dandruff problem is common in oily hair. Therefore, choose the anti-dandruff shampoo. Lemon-rich shampoo is better for such hair.

For normal hair: These types of hair are neither dry nor oily; therefore, any hair shampoo can be used for such hair. Keep in mind that this shampoo should be herbal and good brand.

Some Other Hair Care Tips

Oil Massage: Head back rub ought to be done in any event once in the week. By kneading Scalp gets required nourishment and stamina is expelled. Additionally, the hair is solid with roots and begins to turn out to be long and thick. You can utilize coconut, olive, almond or castor oil for back rub. On the off chance that the oil is daintily warmed, at that point there is great impact. Additionally, it ought to be connected thirty minutes or an hour prior to washing. Then again, on the off chance that you rest by back rub during the evening, at that point you can get all the more great outcomes. 

Aversion of Pollution: These days, contamination has expanded all over, which isn't useful for hair wellbeing. Scalp can cause contamination, tingling, dandruff or red spots because of contamination. It debilitates from hair roots and separates, and needs to confront sparseness before time. Subsequently, however much as could reasonably be expected hair ought to be shielded from contamination. For this you can attempt the home cures referenced in this article. 

Cutting is significant: As it is important to keep up a reasonable eating regimen at the correct time to remain sound, it is additionally important to have triming on specific interims for hair development and wellbeing. The hair does not ensnare either, nor there is a plausibility of them two, so they grow appropriately. 

Try not to apply on hair: We utilize numerous sorts of hair to look lovely. Don't have the foggiest idea what number of synthetics are utilized to make haircuts. Various kinds of synthetic substances lose the characteristic light of the hair. In the meantime, roots get feeble from the roots and start to break. It would be better in the event that you utilize home grown items for hair. 

Evade high temp water: Many individuals utilize heated water to wash hair, which isn't right. Boiling water begins to dampen out hair and begins to end up parsimonious and dormant. This is the reason after some time hair debilitates and separates. Accordingly, rather than high temp water, utilize tepid water or cold water. 

Apply hair conditioner: regularly in the wake of shampooing, the candiser is given a straight scalp, which isn't right. Rather, place the sweet on the hair and wash it with water after around two minutes. 

Try not to wash hair ordinary: Many individuals believe that they ought to be washed day by day for the cleaning of the hair, however this is totally off-base. Washing the hair every day evacuates their dampness and dispenses with the characteristic oil from Scalp. It debilitates the hair and separates. 

Such dry hair: in the wake of washing hair, rub them with towels and dry them as opposed to drying. Use microfiber towels too. Additionally, don't utilize hair dryer to dry hair. It debilitates hair roots. 

Spread the head: Whenever you go out, spread the hair with tops or cotton material so the unsafe beams of the sun don't hurt the hair.

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