[Top 5] Best Table Fans In India Under 2000 (2019)

                Best Table Fans In India (2019)

Hi guys if you are feel very hot and want enjoy summer and i know you are find best Table fan in India under budget so you are correct place here i am find some best top 5 table fans in india and you can buy very easily from online. site like amazon.in so  lets get started.

top 5 best table fans india


Things to Remember while Purchasing a Table Fans:

  1. The Fan Size

  2. Fan Top speed available

  3. Noiselessness

  4. It is of good company

  5. Quality of Material

  6. Detachable Grills

  7. An oscillating Grill

  8. How safe is the fan in a house

Top 5 best Table Fans in India 2019

1. V- Guard Personal Fan Lab Breeze 

V-Guard Personal Fan Lap Breeze-min

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product specification :

  • Three speed choices

  • Tilting angle adjustable

  • Sweep size -250mm

  • Rated Power- 40W ;Rated RPM- 1200 RPM

  • Warranty- 1 Year

reviews :

You can place this on table very comfortably because it requires less space.
1.Speed control options
2.oscillation control option
3.hear comes exciting feature u can change air direction vertically
4.one more feature is at the front side there is plastic plate like thing rotates along with the wings(it gives 360 breeze if u want one direction u can lock it)
5.no noise at all, i didn't feel there is a besides my laptop
For me there are no cons it suits best for me

I have been using the fan for several weeks now. Here are the observations:
+ Very silent - almost unbelievably silent! The moment I switched in on, I realised I can barely hear the motor, which is a good thing since you want air from a fan not noise.
+ The external plastic rotor spreads the air across further. A manual knob lets you close or open the rotating function.
+ Top-notch plastic quality. You can tell by the weight of the fan alone.

- Heavy. This is no portable fan. It is meant to be placed at one place.
- The tilt function is manual and it feels a bit clunky.
- The sweep motor does become a bit jerky after a few weeks, but only noticeable when you are very close to the fan. It does not affect the functionality of the fan and the fan sweeps the air like breeze.

Overall, the best table fan you can get. Powerful yet so very very silent. Five stars for making a fan that is noiseless.


2 : Usha Maxx Air

Usha Maxx Air


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product specification :

  • Novel base design and decorative style

  • Table fan with high air delivery

  • Aerodynamically designed semi transparent PP blades

  • Jerk-free and uniform oscillation

  • Warranty: 1 year on product

reviews :

I think I got used product....
It was not brand new...
outer cap's threads​ are worn out...
But it's working....
Hope images help you....
Working fine ...
Easy to install...
Just be careful about threads....

Giving 5 star rating for this product & very good packaging by Amazon. I didn't want to shell much money on fan so bought cheapest one available online & let me tell you quality of this product is awesome, makes very less sound & air flow is satisfactory. I checked prices of table fan's offline in our area & couldnt find one for less than 2000/- & sellers don't show variety of fans that I get chance to see online.

Maxx air is truly Max air. Using it for 3 days now. Assembled with an electrician, so dint face much problem during assembly. Air throw is superb. No noise, runs smooth. Love it


3 : Orient Electric Desk Table Fan

Orient Electric Desk-min

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product specification :

  • 3-speed rotary switch control

  • 90 degree oscillation

  • Warranty: 2 years on product

  • Power: 90 watts

  • Warranty: 2 years on product

customer reviews :

Selling firm promptly responded to my feedback. They even we're ready to give replacement fan of 300 mm. However 400 mm sweep fan is performing well and no need for change needed. I am satisfied with the product.

I ordered this fan for kitchen for my mom.
Its a table fan but can work as a wall fan too.
No sound, its silent fan.
Good worth of money !

4 : Havells Birdie Personal Table Fan

Havells Birdie-min

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product specification :

  • Unique rocker design to allow 360 degree rotation of fan head both in horizontal and vertical plane

  • Unique rocker design to allow 360 degree rotation of fan head

  • Speed: 2800 RPM

  • Air Delivery: 38 CMM

  • Power: 55 watts

  • Warranty: 2 years on product

customer reviews :

High speed
Covers every angle with easy configuration.
Easily hangs on wall
Really compact and portable.
Best for hostel students.

No fan speed controller
Makes noise.

the main advantage of this fan is its high speed(2800 rpm),360 rotation fixed , havells like quality(motor and blade is best in the price segment) , best air flow at this size and price, The size width is small(230 mm) but that the personal wish , Now coming to the disadvantage this table fan do not have a speed control system this may be ok with some people, the biggest disadvantage is it even do not have a on /off button on the fan, the fan consists of no switches , Everytime to on/off you have to go to the main switch board of your room .It always works at full speed. thats it. Havells should at least add one on off button on fan .

Works well. Not as super noisy as luminous cabin fan. It is really well built. Speed is also fantastic. Throw is good , upto 6-8 feets. There is one small issue though. Should have at least a switch on the body to avoid going to the switch board to turn off or on. Satisfied! I have tried 3-4 fans before this but this once is better.

5 : Luminous Buddy High Speed Personal Fan

Luminous Buddy-min


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product specification :

  • Sweep: 230mm

  • Speed: 2800 RPM and Air Delivery: 38 CMM, there is no speed controller in the product

  • Optimum performance even at low voltages

  • Power: 55 watts

  • Operating Voltage: 230 volts

  • Warranty: 2 years on product

customer reviews :

CONS: Pretty Noisy. Looses speed rapidly over time due to dust accumulation. Does not have a start/stop of speed button. Noise levels make this product totally unviable for office or night use.

PROS: Powerful. Looks vibrant. Front grill is easily removable and blades are easy to clean. Base is stabilized with rubber coating.



so friends here are the list of top 5 Best Table Fans under 2000 In India. these fan are the best fans for you and my choice is Usha Maxx Air and V- Guard Personal Fan and i think its also best for you . becose i am used this fans continues 1 year and its Best Table Fans In India.

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