What is pranayama, how is it done and what is the benefit of it?

Who says pranayama?

Prana, meaning breathing and dimension, that is, the length of the breath, the length of breath, is called 'pranayama'.

The method and facts of pranayama:

As the food snatch gets exhausted by the Vedas of Vedas, it is possible to stop the prana from throwing it out of force, when you want to take it out, then keep the girls away, then life remains out. Similarly prana can be more tahara out. When there is nervousness, then gradually take the air in the same manner as you do, as much as strength and desire. And in the mind, "Oum" can chant it, by doing so, the soul and mind are purity and stability. 

Benefits of the Pranayama

As described above, with pranayam "soul and mind are stabilized." Being in control of the soul, the mind and the senses become independent. Next, the benefits of Maharishi Pranayam are as follows:
"When man does pranayama, then in a progressive period, there is the light of knowledge and the destruction of inaccuracy."

"As the burning of the sacred thread of gold is cut off from the burning of the pure metal, by doing pranayam, the defects of the mind and the senses are cleansed."
"The force becomes more intense and subtle-like, which increases very difficult and subtle subject too quickly. With this, by acquiring semen growth in the body of the human being, the stable force, the power, the jindicity, all the scriptures will be understood in a short time, the woman should do yoga similarly. "

What to do in the routine and do not? How important is the routine?

"They stopped with the idea of ​​going both of them (breathing, breathing, i.e., air and air coming out from within). Never get caught by the nostrils, but with the knowledge itself, it is called pranayama. "(Rigveda, language, worship subject)

"(More expansively), take a touch of both hands, touching with the pure water of the ear, eye and nostril etc., pure country, on the holy side, where there is a wind on its side, mouthing the feminine from under the navel Without hesitation, stop the force of the heart out of force by force. After that, take at least three pranayama in the end. "

Avoid fake pranayama

"Stable Sukhmasanam" is called the symptom of Asana. It is the same thing that can be done by sitting in happiness and joining yoga with God. Then the new people say that "this is a choreography of the chauceranwala, Bhanmati's look is fine" how to be accepted? In this way, Tamasha is becoming the subject of pranayama. If the nostrils and knees were "clunky" by obstructing life, then those who climb on the gallows should understand them as the right instrument of "Kumbak". The exact form of "Kumbak" is to keep the air out of the outside. By taking special measures to get out, "interesting" happens. Keeping the pranas inside is "supplementary", it is the law of pranayama. "

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