Top healt fact and Fitness Tips for youth

Health Tips youth - Friends are said to have Healthy Mind in Healthy Body only. Therefore it is very important to keep your body healthy. We are sharing with you Health Tips | Health Care tips

Some diseases which are made only of our mind. In reality, the disease is not as much a disease as we know which one knows how sometimes our mind works about the disease. Say this, psychology of human mind or mental illness.

Health Tips facts

 Health Myth and facts- One such incident happened with me one day that a person came to me and told me that I have heart disease and I have to take a lot of attention. After that he also told me that he has gone to four doctors but Doctor He could not find any disease in his heart. I understood that, that you may not really have any disease. This way you will be worried about the disease, then you will really become Heart Disease. If you keep thinking about the disease, then you will always be ill for that reason. And in your own words, I will decide to remain silent till I die.
And on the same day I was sitting on the airport and I heard a tick sound. Surprisingly I looked at the man sitting in the neighborhood from which the voice was coming. He smiled at me and said that I have no bombs.It is my heart beating. I was surprised to hear this, so she told me the whole story.Only 21 days ago, her heart was operated in which the plastic valve was fitted in her heart.She told that the tick sound will be very good for many days.Then I asked her Now what she is going to do.He said that there are many plans for me to go to Minnesota, I'm going to read the advocacy. Maybe I can get government job goverment job too. Doctor has told me that I have to be cautious for some days but after some months my heart will be brand new.

new and best Fitness Tips 

1. Do not talk about your health. The more you talk about any disease, even if it is normal cold, the disease will get worse.

2 . Stop worrying about your health

3. You should be grateful for your health as it is an old saying, "I was getting sad about my torn shoes but when I saw a man without a foot, I was not complaining to the above person"

4. Better than rust is better to get lost. You have got life, because if you keep worrying because you live life to enjoy it, then you will soon be seen in a hospital.

So it was two different attitudes about the Health related Problems, the first man, it was not even the public that he had any disease or even after that he was worried and upset and was going on the roads of everyone and not moving forward The flowing was making.
The second man had a lot of operation in the recent past. Still he was eager to do something new and was positive, how much difference was between the two
Now let us know how this health can be avoided.

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