New and fresh idea for Weight Loss Tips for men and women

Weight Loss Tips for men and women

Today, due to the changing life style of today, there is an increased problem of increased weight, bad weight is bad for health as well as health. So we are sharing with you How to Loss Weight in 7 days | How to lose weight

How To Reduce Weight

To lose weight first, you need to know how much weight your weight is - to know - Weight Loss Calculator

Some people start dieting to reduce obesity. Diet too high can be very dangerous for your health.
You take the food to work only for balance (Balance Diet). It is most important that your metabolism will also be good in the morning's breakfast Heavy take. Some of your good habits can change your life.

If you are hungry again in the middle, then drink plenty of water at that time and work 7-8 glasses of water by the day. Do not take tea more than a glass of tea in the day.
Tips for Weight Loss in 7 Days in Hindi
Some people do not eat dinner only to be thin. It is very harmful to health. So eat it at night, which easily goes to five. And eat 3 hours before sleeping. The 8-8:30 pm time is best for dinner. And eat only at a certain time.
Surely, after a few minutes of dinner, you will have a few strollers.

 How to reduce obesity in Gharelu Nuskhe 

The first thing to keep in mind is that do not drink water immediately after eating food, but drink water at one to one-and-a-half hour intervals. - This makes the food easily digested. Other food becomes like a lot like extra fat is
Restrain food whenever it is done that means eat only a little less than hunger.
Include oily substances and sweet instead of greens, vegetables, salads and fruits in the food.
Minimize the use of rice, potatoes and ghee in the food.
For at least one day in a week, just drink the rules of drinking fluids or eat milk and fruits only.
Add daily exercise and yoga to your daily routine.
Walk for at least 30 minutes or exercise for two or three times throughout the day.
Start the chapatti of wheat chapati leaving flour, barley, etc, and start chapatti. Also include juice and sprouts in breakfast.
Use Green tea instead of Tea.
Use honey instead of sugar.
Take 7-8 hours of sleep.
Eat food at just the right time.
For example- If you say it at lunch 2, then try to do it at 2 o'clock.
Never eat food when you are feeling stress.
Cook the food slowly and after gasting it will satisfy you in the work.
Do not eat food while watching T.V. Take into account the time just eating food.
There is also an old saying "Like you will eat like other mind", so eat food at all times quietly.
Never have a conversation on the food table.

Weight Loss Diet tips and facts

Friends, we are sharing the weight loss diet plan with which you can reduce your weight in a few days by following

1. 1 egg, 1 cup milk, 2 fruits, 1-2 brown bread Slice
2. 1 Plate Oats 2 Fruit, 1 Cup Milk or 1 Cup Green Tea
3. Sprouts (sprouted pulses) milk, fruits, 2 brown bread Slice

Dal 2 Roti Vegetable Curd Rice Less No

1. Poha or Utpam,

Diet chart for weight loss in Hindi
Raise in the morning and take half a blue nihil and a spoon of honey in a lightly warm water. If the weight is too much, take hot water instead of lukewarm water.

Then the seeds of linseed can be taken, seeds of the nerd seeds or melon seeds.
1. Breakfast between 8-9 o'clock
2 .. Somewhat lightweight like butter milk, fruits, green tea sure to take
3.Lunch between 1-2 o'clock
May eat some light during 4.4-5 o'clock

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