Heart Attach Fatal tour occurs when heart / heart muscles muscles do not reach blood circulation and air oxyen to heart / heart and heart blood disorders become blocked / blocked. This leads to the death of a person. The heart can be healthy even before the deadly situation comes. Obesity, high blood pressure, gas acidity, self-disorder, diabetes-2 level high, blocking the arteries, it is necessary to identify and control all the disorders.

The heart attack begins to feel certain symptoms 1 month ago. Arteries work less properly. Experts according to the heart disorders are approximately 50-60 types, which damage the heart in different ways. People whose signals begin to feel. Heart attacks are the main reasons for obesity, blood pressure increases, gas acidity, persistent respiratory disorders, obstruction of blood vessels, obstruction of blood vessels etc. In a way, day and night can call 24 Hours every moment, every working machine. It is very important to remain healthy and healthy in the heart. The person begins to feel embarrassed by the sign of a deadly heart attack.

Heart Attack, Causes Symptoms

Severe pains in the chest 
Heart attack symptoms / Burning of chest pain before heart attack is a sign. Thereby, the person feels anxiety, breathlessness, burning sensation, feeling pains, and constantly feeling the hurdle in the heart muscles - indicates a hart attack. Do not ignore this kind of problem. This kind of pain is called Angina Pectoris Pain. Whenever you feel pain, you should get the treatment treatment done by the doctor.

Trouble breathing
Often, a person's breath starts getting blocked before a heart attack occurs. Oxygen / air does not reach the heart correctly by breathing, which causes trouble for breathing. Whenever there is a problem of breathing, get under-the-should-screen treatment and get treatment done in time.

Heart Discussions 
Hepatocystic imbalances in the heartbeat caused by the imbalance of blood pressure. By which pain seems to be a little too light. In such a situation, consult the doctor immediately.

More Sweating 
Sitting and sitting sweating together, nervousness is a sign of heart attack in a way. Cardiomyopathy is a cause of intense sweating in a way the pumping of the pumps is helpful in blocking the nerve muscles. Do not refuse, consult the doctor immediately.

Pain left go to the jaws
If you feel pain in the chest pain, along with pain from the right hand to the jaw, then get the doctor treated with prompt treatment. The pain that spreads from the right hand to the jaw is a symptom of the Serious Heart Condition in a way.
Emphasis in such a situation - breathing heavily and breathing. By doing so, the oxygen reduction in the heart lungs is greatly reduced. But contact with the Quick Doctor - check-up treatment.

Heart Inflammation
It is possible to have swelling in the heart due to blockage of heart's vein tissue. This action gradually increases. And who, in a way, feels pain in the breath due to inflammation of the heart, then consult the doctor for quick examination.

 Fast Heart Beat
Rapid rotation of the heart is a sign of cardiovascular disorder. Blood transfusion does not smoothly reach the heartbeats. And the beating speed becomes intensified. Hart brick electric velocity Growth and unbalance of Atrial Fibrillation is a sign of a heart attack. In such a situation, get treatment from doctor immediately.

Without Pain due to Body
Without any causation due to body pain, chills in the chest, pain in body parts Kindly signals cardiovascular blockage. In such a situation, get treatment from doctor immediately.

Worry - Anxiety
Worry without any reason worry worry. Sudden sleep in the night, sit down and sit down, suddenly get distracted, anxiety worried, Heigh blood pressure, body limb tremors, panic, such signs are fatal to the heart.

In this way, the above mentioned Heart Attack Sanket should be treated immediately by the doctor. This signal begins to feel before a heart attack occurs. Do not overlook Heart Attack Symptoms Heart Attachment can be avoided by diagnosis by signals even before serious heart failure.

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